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Award Win: Green Wine Awards Bloggers’ Overall IPW: Bartinney

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31 Oct, '17
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We are humbled to have received the Bloggers’ Overall IPW at the Green Wine Awards 2017:

‘Rose Jordaan is almost militant in her zeal for environmental protection at Bartinney Private Cellar. She has personally yanked, hacked and dug out thousands of alien plants on the family wine farm just over the crest of the Helshoogte Pass in Stellenbosch, replacing them with indigenous plants and fynbos.

No herbicides have been sprayed in nearly a decade and the first option for pest control is biological: finding a bug that preys on the problem pest. The winery roof bristles with photovoltaic panels, providing half of all the power needed to keep tanks cool and run the pumps and machinery.

It’s little wonder Bartinney is a WWF/BWI Conservation Champion – and like Dr Cluver with Groenlandberg, Rose was one of the prime movers behind the establishment of the Banhoek Conservancy, now boasting more than 3 000 hectares under management and offering a paradise of MTB and hiking trails, along with social upliftment in the area.

In the adeptly oaked Bartinney Chardonnay 2016, winemaker Ronell Wiid has coaxed a wonderfully rich, creamy citrus flavour out of the grapes delivered to the cellar. What sets the wine apart is its harmony: nothing dominates – not the fruit, not the restrained oak, which provides just the right amount of structure and vanilla flavour. It’s almost a reflection of the natural harmony at this carbon-neutral farm.

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Bartinney Chardonnay 2016

You can buy our Chardonnay from the online shop, taste it on the estate, or from our UK, French, US, German, Swiss and Finnish importers.

See the original announcement here.

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